Stripe email notifications to SMS

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Stripe is currently the fastest growing credit card processor in the world with the ability to collect payments worldwide in more than 130 currencies. It is certainly exciting to be notified immediately as soon as you received a new payment on your account. Stripe offers simple emails notifications which allows you to be notified when something important happened. Do you want to receive these notifications on your mobile phone through SMS? Then follow steps in this tutorial.


We assume you have already created an account in Stripe and

Step one

Go to EmailToSMS dashboard and select the second option – Send emails to SMS from external services (Gmail forwarding, notifications, alerts, etc.).

Step two

Now you have to create a new routing which will link newly generated email to your phone number. Click on “Add routing” button. On the new screen enter the phone number to which you want to receive Stripe notifications. The phone number has to be in international format without any + or 00 at the beginning.


After submitting the form you will be redirected back to the dashboard and you will see the newly generated email address.

Step three

We are almost done. Now sign in to your Stripe account, go to “Account Settings” (at the top right) and choose “Emails” tab (currently the last one). In this tab check the first checkbox (to be notified on successful payment) and enter the recently generated email address to the “Business email” field.


Now just submit the form by clicking on “Done” button and we are done.