Email to SMS from Mailbox

Send or forward emails to SMS from your mailbox

Do you need to forward emails from your mailbox to SMS? Or do you want to send SMS directly from your mailbox? It is very easy with our service. You just need to sign up and then send messages from your mailbox to email address (phone_number) SMS will be delivered in a few seconds.

Email to SMS from Mailbox

Forwarding emails to SMS

Imagine you have email and you want to forward all your received emails to your phone number 421903903903 as SMS. So you will register this email in our service and set as address for forwarding all your emails. From this time you will be notified in a few seconds after a new email arrived to your mailbox.

Sending emails to SMS

Lets say you have a list of your customers' phone numbers and you want to send them bulk SMS. You will register your email address in our service and then you can start sending multiple SMS at once from your mailbox. Just write the message body and send it to (phone_number) You can type as many receivers as you want. SMS will be delivered to all these guys in a while.